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Name: Liza Klingenberg

Age: 14

Hometown: Dorr

Hobbies: Showing pigs and snowmobiling.

What are your favorite shows to attend?
The NJSA Eastern Regional in Hamburg, NY.

What has been your greatest accomplishment with your livestock project?
My greatest accomplishment is winning showmanship at more than one national show. For example, I won showmanship at the 2015 World Pork Expo Junior National.

Who, other than your family, has influenced your livestock experience?
The Joostberns family have really influenced my swine showing career.

What are your goals for the upcoming show season?
My greatest goal is always to try my hardest.



Farm Name: Michigan State University Swine Teaching and Research Farm

Representative: Kevin Turner – Farm Manager

Location: 4813 Powerline Drive, Lansing, MI 48910

1. How did the MSU Swine Teaching & Research farm get started?
While hogs at MSU date back to the inception of the university itself in 1855. The current MSU Farm, commonly referred to as the “New” farm was completed late in 1997 and was first populated in January of 1998 with 80, 8-10 day old Yorkshire females that were segregated-early- weaned from sows at the “Old” farm on the corner of College and Forest Roads. From there, the rest is history. Those 80 females became the basis for every animal since. Over the nearly 20 years, former farm manager Mr. Al Snedegar and I have strived to build a Yorkshire herd that blends production with functionality. Our herd is known for producing structurally correct pigs that grow and do so, very efficiently.

2. What makes MSU different than other showpig operations?
While maintaining females with the potential to make quality show stock for sale, classes and competitions is a goal of the facility; it is just one of many goals that collectively form our mission. The farm’s primary mission is to work with faculty and staff as they complete their research, teaching and extension/outreach programs. Animals produced are used for research in nutrition, behavior, genetics, environmental management, meat science and muscle biology, and production management. Animals are also used for class projects and experiences for all MSU students, as well as many 4-H, FFA, and other youth and adult activities… so the difference lies in the farm’s diversity.

3. If you had five minutes to share anything you’d like with a youth exhibitor, what advice would you give them?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, winning is great but learning proper animal husbandry skills and developing life-long relationships with other swine producers is the more important outcome of a pig project. Also remember that as an exhibitor you are part of a much larger industry, while scaled differently, the end goal is to produce a high-quality product for human consumption. Finally, don’t be afraid to share your story. Friends, family, anyone who’ll lend an ear, tell them about your pig project. Explain to them why you exhibit hogs, how you care for them, the hours/days/weeks/months/years you put into raising and caring for your livestock. Our industry needs to continue to do a better job of telling our story and it starts with YOU, the youth.

4. What do you see as one of the greatest challenges facing the show pig industry?
I believe our largest challenge is an ever-growing, public perception that animal exhibition is inhumane. With that said, I echo my sentiments from above, it is our job to tell our story. A simple conversation between a youth exhibitor and someone with little or no understandin

5. What would you tell a college student that would like to work at the farm?
Call, email, stop out and talk to me. I employ 10-15 students at any one time. I try to give opportunities to as many young people as possible. I’ll teach you anything you want to learn and give you the opportunity to do so through hands on training.g of swine production can spark that change in perception.




Name: Abbey Johnston

Age: 14

Hometown: Holly, MI

Hobbies: Raising and showing pigs and rabbits, basketball, CrossFit, making new friends, eating and sleeping.

What are your favorite shows to attend?
My favorite shows are Green & White, the Oakland County Jackpot and the Oakland County Fair.

What has been your greatest accomplishment with your livestock project?
Last year at the Oakland County Fair, I surpassed my goal of placing in the top half of
my showmanship class by winning Grand Champion Swine Showmanship. That was a dream come true! Also, because of my involvement with livestock, I am now representing our state as the 2017 Michigan Teen Miss United States Agriculture.

Who, other than your family, has influenced your livestock experience?
If it weren't for Dale and Madalin Roberts and the rest of the Roberts family, I would have never had the opportunity to be involved with pigs (through the Oakland County 4-H Novice/Mentor Program). Also, the Gerwig Family for letting me "lease"a beautiful gilt to show at Green & White for the first time and the Bickel Family for allowing me the opportunity to board and farrow out my gilt at their farm.

What are your goals for the upcoming show season?
My goals for this year are just to work even harder than I did last year to hopefully have the same amount of success, if not more than I did last year. I look forward to showing at even more jackpot shows as well as making more pig show friends and helping out younger exhibitors!



Colin Trattles

Name: Colin Trattles

Age: 9

Home Town: Burr Oak

Hobbies: Football, Baseball, Basketball and showing cattle

What was the first show you participated in:
National Jr. Summer Spectacular when I was 4

Favorite show to attend:
National Jr. Summer Spectacular because there is a lot of time to spend with friends

Most embarrassing thing that happened to you in the ring:
Crying at MLE after being picked 8th overall

Greatest Accomplishment in the Ring:
Winning 8th Overall and making the sale at MLE

Name someone other than family that is an influence to you in showing livestock:
Brady &Ben Littlefield, Ty Cool and Bryce Jipping

Goals for upcoming show season:
Making the sale at MLE in 2017




Samantha Modreske

Name: Samantha Modreske

Age: 15

Hometown: Hopkins, Michigan

Hobbies: Reading, FFA, swimming, pig shows.

Favorite Shows to Attend: County Fair & Jackpots

Greatest Accomplishment in the ring:
Winning Champion Spot at MLE and winning showmanship at my county fair.

Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock: Lauren Wildt influences me with her calmness, and always having a positive attitude, and I love her style of showing.

Goals For Upcoming Show Season:
This year is busy! I have drivers training so I am really busy. I am showing fewer pigs and so I’d have to say my one goal would be to win showmanship at my county fair.



Name: Ryann Locke

Age: 13

Hometown: Albion, MI

Soccer, Basketball, Showing Pigs/Cattle/Sheep, Photography, and hanging out with my family and 3 little siblings

Favorite Shows to Attend:
MLE and Jackson County Fair

Greatest Accomplishment in the ring:
Bear, the very first pig I ever picked out on my own to show was the Reserve Grand Champion of the Green and White, which really started my passion for showing pigs.  I won overall grand champion at my very first county fair and last year I was the overall Sweepstakes Grand Champion Showman, belt buckle!
Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock: 
People that I look up to and have watched to learn from are Morgan Kennedy & Austin Joostberns, and I seek advice and guidance from the Hines family.

Goals For Upcoming Show Season: 
To win the MLE and showmanship! 





Name:  Brayden Jipping
Age:  10
Hometown:  Hamilton, MI
Working on the farm, playing baseball and basketball, showing hogs and cattle
Favorite shows to Attend:
World Pork Expo, Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Green and White, Spartan Classic, Michigan Livestock Expo, so basically any pig show
Name Someone other than family that is an influence to you in showing livestock:
Austin Joostberns
Goals for Upcoming Show Season:
To do the best I can and keep improving!





Laken Polega

Name: Laken Polega

Age: 16

Hometown: Unionville, MI

Playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball, Showing hogs and cattle, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite Shows to Attend:
Oakland County Jackpot, Michigan Livestock Expo, and NAILE.

Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock:
Jordan Hieber, as my best friend she is always there to encourage and help me get better.

Goals For Upcoming Show Season:
As everyone else, I would like to make the sale at MLE. I also would like to continue improving my showmanship skills.



Briana Stockwell

Name: Brianna Stockwell

Age: 12

Hometown:  Dowagiac

Showing Livestock – as I can’t play sports showing is my sport and I love it.

Favorite Shows to Attend:
MLE, the Eastern Regional, and NAILE.  They are all great to show at along with the friend I have made at each one that I hang out with.

Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock:
The are a few people – for hogs I look up to four very strong, caring, and very successful people that I have tried to model myself after.  They are Maddie Fugate, Madison Waltz, Morgan Kennedy, and Austin Pueschel.  But I also show other livestock - for cattle it is my Uncle Jesse, and for sheep it is my mom’s cousins David and Matt Williams.

Goals For Upcoming Show Season:
The most important goal for me is to make the sale at MLE.  But other goals I have set for myself this year are to place in the top ten again in the Michigan Swine Youth Challenge, and to also place well at the Eastern Region, National Barrow Show, and NAILE.




Shay Hill: MIPIGS Youth Spotlight

Name: Shay Hill

Age: 21    

Hometown: Otisville       

Showing livestock, dog training, hunting, camping, singing and relaxing!

Favorite Shows to Attend:
Michigan Livestock Expo, Green and White, and jackpot shows

Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock:
Ernie Birchmeier

Goals For Upcoming Show Season:
Have fun, learn as much as I can, make new friends, enjoy the time with my “show team family”, do well in showmanship and hopefully, make the Michigan Livestock Expo Sale in my last years of showing


Carter Arbuckle: MIPIGS Youth Spotlight

Name: Carter Arbuckle

Age: 9 years old

Hometown: Concord

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hunting, Working on the Farm, Showing Pigs

Favorite Shows to Attend:
Louisville – Summer Spectacular, Eastern Regional in New York, Michigan Livestock Expo

Name Someone Other Than Family That Is an Influence To You In Showing Livestock:
Doug Albright because he goes out of his way to help me.

Goals For Upcoming Show Season:

  1. To Focus
  2. Top 5 finish at every show
  3. Walk my pigs with a purpose and passion and have no regrets








Pig buying season has quickly approached us. With more and more of the showpigs today being sold thru online auction and sale services. sought out 3 of the industry leaders ( Kevin Wendt: owner of, Travis Platt: owner of, and Doug Sheridan: owner of Sheridan auction services) and asked them a few questions on thing to think about when buying or selling showpigs online.


Q.  MIpigs - What is something you suggest to the buyer they should always do to make their buying experience a positive one?

A. Kevin Wendt- Learn as much about the Breeder and the Genetics of the pigs that are being offered. Contact them by call or text with plenty of time before the sale so that the seller had time discuss the sale offering you.


Q  MIpigs -   What is a common mistake that Buyers often make and something that they should avoid?

A. Travis Platt- One of the biggest mistake people make is, buying the wrong size or wrong age pig for the shows that they are targeting.  That is why it is very important to ask the breeders about the animals they are selling.

Q. MIpigs-   Is there one thing that people often get confused about when buying online.

A. Doug Sheridan- Some online auctions have a buyer’s premium (usually 10%). Example $1000.00 price plus $100.00 buyer’s premium equals $1,100.00 final sale price. Always check and make sure. Often when a buyer has a budget or set price to spend they can often go over if they are not aware of this buying option.

Q.  MIpigs-   Is there any other important things buyers should keep in mind.

A.  Kevin Wendt- If your pigs are being delivered from a distance, don't be quick to judge them. Give them time to get feed and water back into them and get use to their new environment.

A.  Travis Platt-    Set up delivery or pick up arrangements as soon as possible.

A.   Doug Sheridan- Don't wait till the last second to try and place a bid. The system is set up so that if any lot is bid on in the last 5 mins the sale remains open. So if you have any trouble with your computer or bidder number it may prevent you from getting the pig u really want.



Q.  MIpigs-      What should the sellers do to make it easier on the auction service?

A.  Kevin Wendt- Organization!! Be as precise with your photos and information. The better organized the quicker your sale can be posted.

Q. MIpigs-      Is there anything you can tell your sellers to help them with continued sales in the future?

A. Travis Platt- The seller should always sell their best stock in online auction. It will always increase the dollar value and reputation of your sales in the future.


Q. MIpigs-   What can the seller do to try and increase the number of bidders on their sales?

A. Doug Sheridan- Social Social Media is a great tool, But one small bit of advice is having delivery options available more than (more than 1 or 2).  This sometimes can help with a casual buyer or new buyer to give them an incentive to bid.


Q. MIpigs-   Any other quick tips for the sellers to assure that their selling experience is good or future sales will continue?

A. Kevin Wendt- If the pigs you’re selling requires papers. i.e. health/registration make sure the buyer has them as soon as needed.

A. Travis Platt- Speak the Truth! Also, Sell pigs when they are ready to be sold. Don't try to sell your whole barn at once.

A. Doug Sheridan- Let the auction service handle the monetary transactions. It makes closing out the sales a lot quicker and easier.

MIpigs would like to say thanks for taking the time to give everyone in the buying and selling of online pigs a few things to watch for.                   











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